Jade. 21. I like things. I live with some people in Perth.

Shireen and Davos are so friggen adorable!

There is just something so insanely hilarious about Ping unknowingly standing on Butt, while Butt is asleep under the doona.

Refusing to sleep until I find my booties. Yes, I’m an adult.

I am feeling extremely fucking sorry for myself in case no one noticed.

I just want to die. I’m not even sad or having any extreme emotions or anything, I just cannot be fucking bothered constantly wading through shit.

Oh yay, just another traumatic experience to ruin an Easter.

Weee! I WAS TAGGED IN A THING by cranberrycapers. I cbf tagging anyone else or thinking of new questions though.

1. Do you plan on reproducing? Adopting? Why/why not?

I do want to have babies. I don’t really have a reason aside from “I want to”. Oh, well, I want to be able to prove that I can be a better parent than my own parents were. And there are so many bad and idiotic people out there, I would like to produce a couple of good ones :) I don’t think I would ever adopt, and haven’t really thought deeply into why, but I think it’s because 1. It’s a difficult process, and 2. If I’m gonna have to raise kids I want them to be my own :\

2. In group situations, do you tend to lead or follow?

It depends. If no one steps up, I’ll lead automatically, but I’m quite happy to let someone else lead as long as I don’t oppose what they’re doing too much.

3. What is your favourite smell? (If you don’t have a sense of smell, favourite sound.)

Man smell after they get out of the shower. I assume it’s aftershave and deodorant and whatever else, but it’s so fresh and clean haha.

4. Tell us something weird you mistakenly thought as a kid (eg. I thought that in the movie Anastasia, when people said “Anya”, they were saying “Onion”).

For a long time I thought that periods only happened once a year. So that was an unpleasant realisation, when I found out they were every month. Oh, also, that episode of South Park where Cartman thinks he has his period, I didn’t understand why that was funny, because I assumed that because it was on TV, guys must also get periods. A lot of period confusion here hahaha

5. You’re marched into a tattoo studio and forced to get a tattoo - but you get to pick the design. What do you pick?

I’d get an otter, swimming all gracefully, with water-color splashes around it. No black outlines. I guess maybe I’d get it on the side of my ribs or a shoulder blade.

6. How many fingers do you use when typing? Can you touch type?

Ooh, I need to type to see, but it seems like just three - pointers and my right thumb. I know where the letters are to touch type, but I’m ridiculously out of practice.

7. Worst injury you’ve ever gotten?

I thought it’d be a great idea to get on a horse that was known for bucking everyone off, bareback, without shoes or a helmet, and in shorts, and rode to the opposite side of the property from the house. All was good until I went to turn around to go home, the horse was like “bitch, this is too slow” and started pig-rooting.

I was actually managing to stay on, but then she just reared straight up, and that was the first time I’d ever been on a properly rearing horse, and I half fell, half jumped off, and that was fine. BUT THEN, SOMEHOW as she was taking off, her back hoof landed right on my ankle, so not only did she step on it, she also pushed off into a gallop from my poor ankle. I couldn’t walk, and luckily my friend saw the horse run back without me, so she came driving and found me waving for help in the middle of the paddock. I couldn’t walk at all for two weeks, but amazingly nothing was broken. And all I have now is a weak ankle and a pissy little scar about a centimetre long :\

8. What was the best thing you ate in the last week?

Oooh had a roast lamb dinner last night, that was pretty great :)

9. A member of your family just died, but it’s your choice. Who is it?

Vic. Seeing as she’s technically blood related. Then mum I guess, if it has to be closer relatives. She’s miserable. And if she dies then that finally cuts Robbo off from us and any future money.

10. Olives. Love them or hate them?

I do very much like. But kalamatas only when they have the seed.

11. What is the worst book/work of fiction you have ever read?

Well jeez, that’s a tough question, I’ve read a lot of crap. But a couple of the worst that are supposed to be good: The Notebook. ABSOLUTE CRAP. I love the movie, but the book is sooo shit. The Hobbit IS GOOD for children, and I think a lot of the love for it comes from sentimental value, but in general, as an adult, it wasn’t as great as it’s made out to be *sorry*. And Magician. I still have’t finished it, so MAYBE it’s one of those books that is amazing once you’ve finished. But for now, I just dislike the way it’s written, I don’t like the main character, and while the ideas are excellent, it still just bores me :\




if watermelon exists why doesn’t earthmelon, firemelon and airmelon??

The elemelons

saying the word elemelons aloud was the funnest thing ive ever done

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